What is Crowd Shopper?

Crowd Shopper is a Google CSS Partner and a leading price comparison website providing free organic traffic to thousands of online shops throughout the UK and Europe. We are a ‘consumer first’ price comparison website. We compare over 50 million products every day and only display the top 3 cheapest prices for each product. We do not use affiliate links and we do not allow Amazon or ebay to display their products in Crowd Shopper. We do not take payments for clicks and we do not take payments for product placement. The products we display in our results are always the cheapest.

We use a web crawler called CrowdBot to crawl thousands of websites every day. Web crawlers are a commonly used type of software programmed to follow weblinks and gather information. CrowdBot is an automated web crawler programmed to retrieve product details from online retailers. We only crawl and index product information such as Product Titles, Product Descriptions, Price, URL, Image & GTINs. We do not collect any personal information or company contact details. Our sole purpose is to collect and index millions of products into the Crowd Shopper database so we can provide our visitors with the cheapest product prices online. If you would prefer us to index your products via a Product Feed instead of crawling your website, you can list your products for free here and enjoy free organic traffic.

Are there any costs?

Listing your products on Crowd Shopper is completely free as is the referral traffic your website will gain as a result of your listing. We do have a premium account which costs £199 per month. This provides you with our price comparison services. Every day we will compare your products prices with our database of 50 million plus products. We will then give you an optimised product feed that only contains your cheapest products prices. The feed is updated daily and can be used with Google Shopping to promote your cheapest products. Feeds are also available for Facebook, Bing, Pinterest, AWIN, Rakuten and Webgains.

What is the Crowd Shopper database?

The Crowd Shopper database is our index of over 50 Million products. We use this database to provide impartial product search results in which are relevant to user search terms.

Can I control CrowdBot?

Yes, of course. Like any other bot or web crawler, CrowdBot follows the instructions that it finds in your robots.txt file. This means you can prevent CrowdBot from crawling the content on your website by adding a Disallow command into your robots.txt file. Alternatively, you can email us here listings[at]

CrowdBot Legals

Crowdbot is an automated web crawler computer program which uses stored process to determine which information it obtains from the websites which are indexed. CrowdBot only obtains and indexes information on websites which are publicly available. We do not access any pages which are restricted or which require any passwords or permissions to access. We do not collect any personal data or contact data. CrowdBot is programmed to find and index information about products, namely (product title, product description, price, product URL, image & GTIN) and any other relevant information that may be specific to the product.