Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together a shortlist of some of the more common questions we receive about Crowd Shopper's services.
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Yes, we can run side by side with your existing Google Ads.

The fact that several CSSs place ads on your behalf won’t mean your offers are being repeated or that Google will charge more for a click on any of them.
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We will update your product feed 4 times per day.

We operate on a monthly subscription basis, meaning there is no long-term commitment.

Our account management are all experienced & qualified Google Ad professionals. We can support you across Google Ads, Shopping Ads, Product Feed issues and the Google Merchant Center.

Our CSS Network covers the Google Search, Shopping Tab, YouTube, Dynamic Remarketing & Google Image Search.

Yes, we have signed a waiver so that your existing Google Account team can still access your Google Ad accounts and provide you with the same support you receive now.

Product Feed Optimisation is a process utilised by leading digital agencies and online retailers. Like the theory behind SEO, Product Feed Optimisation is the process of improving and optimising the data within your product feeds. Product Feed Optimisation can help you to reduce costs and increase your return on investment in the channel you’re advertising within. Most product feed optimisation is carried out on Google Product Feeds which are essential to running a successful Google Shopping campaign. Product Feed Optimisation is also important for other search engines and channels such as Bing, Facebook, Pinterest, AdRoll, Criteo and affiliate networks such as AWIN, Rakuten and Webgains.

Most reputable ecommerce platforms provide solutions or plugins to generate a product feed from your database of products. However, these product feeds may still require further optimisation to ensure they work correctly. If you’re unable to create a product feed, then there are several services who can build a product feed for you. Our Product Feed development team can also support you with this. For more information about product feed creation service, click here or raise a support request here.

There are several ways in which you can optimise your Google Product feed. If you’re a retailer for instance, some ecommerce systems and plugins let you create rules before the product is feed is generated. Many leading agencies and retailers work Product Feed Optimisation services and platforms such as the Shoptimised platform. This type of service can help you to easily optimise your existing feeds or create new product feeds for a range of leading shopping channels such as Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, ebay, Pinterest, Lyst and leading affiliate networks such as AWIN, Partnerize, Rakuten and Webgains.

In short, yes, product feed optimisation does work when done correctly. It can help to reduce your advertising costs and increase your revenue. If you would like to know if your product feed requires improvement and where those improvements need to be made, you can use our free Product Feed Audit.

Competitor Listing Ads are a Google Shopping ad format that are exclusive to Google CSS Partners like Crowd Shopper. Competitor Listing Ads let Google CSS Partners advertise category level ads within Google Shopping results. Users who click on these ads are sent to category pages or search result pages. They do not send traffic to product level pages. Competitor Listing Ads enjoy a much better Click through Rate than normal Google Product Listing Ads with an average increase in CTR of 7X. They also boast a lower Cost per Click too than Google Product Listing Ads.

Google Product Listing Ads are the results of Google Shopping campaigns. Google Shopping is part of the Google Ads platform and they enable online retailers to advertise their products through the Google Ads platform. Google Product Listing Ads require a product feed and are displayed based on Google’s bidding and auction system. In the retail sector Google Shopping drives more traffic from Google’s search engine than any of other type of ad such as Search and Display.

Google Shopping utilises a bidding auction to advertise products. There is no minimum spend for advertisers to utilise Google Shopping and bids can be selected and controlled by the user unless they opt for a Google Shopping Smart Campaign which hands control of the bids to Google to manage.

If managed correctly, Google Shopping can increase your online sales. Many leading retailers use Google Shopping to successfully increase their online sales. If you’re new to Google Shopping and Google Ads you may want to work with an experienced PPC Agency who can manage your Google Shopping for a monthly fee.

You can submit a product feed to Google using the Google Merchant Center. You will then need to link your Google Merchant Center to your Google Ads account. This will enable you to create Google Shopping campaigns and bid on your products to increase your online sales.

Google Merchant Center is a Google property where you can upload your product feed data for use with Google Shopping and Google Product Listing Ads. The Google Merchant Center qualifies which products within your feed are eligible to run in Google Shopping. The products that are eligible can then be passed over to Google Ads when correctly linked with the Google Merchant Center. You can also upload your shipping details and company information to the Google Merchant Center to ensure the correct information is presented within your Google Shopping Product Listing Ads.

Smart Shopping campaigns utilises the data from your existing product feed within the Google Merchant Center and combines that with Google's machine learning algorithm to generate and advertise a variety of ads across Google Shopping, Google Search, Google Display and YouTube. Smart Shopping Campaigns also give Google the power to automate ad placement and the Cost per Click bidding as it tries to maximise your sales value within your set budget.

Google CSS or Comparison-Shopping Service is a program created by Google in the summer 2017 after they were fined 2.1bn by the European Anti-Trust commission. Google were found guilty of using their search engine to gain an unfair advantage over Price Comparison Websites. They were ordered to encourage more Price Comparison Websites to feature in the Google Shopping results which saw them offer a Google CSS Partner incentives such as the 20% Cost per Click discount. This means Google CSS Partners can offer a 20% CPC Discount to any online retailer who wishes to advertise in their network instead of direct via Google Shopping.